Monday, 21 December 2015

Christopher the Hedgehog REQUEST plus BONUS GUEST POST

So we come close to the end of our request cycle with a piece known simply as "Christopher the Hedgehog." It depicts a young hedgehog playing alone while his chums play together in the background. This was requested by Christobelle (a.k.a. Chris-o) and some may look deep into it's meaning to show Chirstobelle's true psyche or it could just be a weird thing he asked for.

Next up we have another guest post from regular listener, second time caller known simply as "G." You may have remembered his guest post from a while ago called "Be A Man," well this is his latest entry (which was literally phoned in, through good old fashioned MMS) known simply as "Young Adolf." Take in all of it's marvel through your eye sockets.

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