Thursday, 28 July 2016

TRAIN DOODLE #008: Sonic, Tails & Indy

Happy 1 year doodleversary! Yep, been doodling on till roll and train tickets for a year now... is anyone looking at them yet?...?... Look out for some possible tweaks to the branding over the next few weeks to get it a little more up to date and shiny.

So I wanted to shove Sonic and Tails in their little mine carts as part of this train but as that didn't take up a lot of space I thought it'd be fun to also put Indiana Jones in there. Even though I already did young Indy earlier, I just couldn't go without including that iconic mine cart scene that I always thought inspired those Sonic levels. Oh, and happy 25th anniversary to Sonic and 35th anniversary to Indy too!

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