Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Drunk Superheroes: Ant-Man

Following the success of his recent movie, Ant-Man has a drop of wine to celebrate.


  1. I think that the images need to be larger, at least twice their current size. Then they would be easier to see & read.

    1. Have you tried clicking on the images?

    2. Ugh, external authentication to leave comments... wtf.

      I had written a thoughtful comment about this, but the authentication thing screwed it up, so its gone.

      Long story short: web users are idiots. They won't click anything without tits or viagra adverts on it. If the point of your blog is to attract interest, you need tits, viagra or larger images.

    3. Hmm, I seem to be lacking in all of those departments here then.

      Blogger seems to resize my images as it likes to fit them on the page, clicking on them seems to bring them up to a decent size, except my 50th episode. If anyone is interested enough to want to see them and thinks they are too small I'm sure they could try clicking on them. It's also going to depend on what they're viewing it on too, with all of the choices of device we have to browse the internet these days.

      If you don't like the way they are presented on here you can always try out the facebook page, the twitter profile, the tapastic series or the tumblr blog, all linked to at the top of the page.