Tuesday, 19 April 2016

#100 The Back to the Future Tilll Roll Tapestry

 Warning: Almost 50Mb

So here's the full Back to the Future till roll tapestry, to conclude my overly milked episode 100 celebrations, in gif form. I came up with a few ideas on how to present the full version in a way that people could easily view it and possibly share it. The scrolling gif format as suggested by someone on one of my previous posts seemed like the best idea. I also like the unintentional texture that the gif format adds to the piece which actually makes it look a bit more tapestry like. It is a little jerky but I seem to have reached the maximum limits of the gif format, as I did with Photoshop when creating the full image.

Of course if you want to see it in more detail and spend a bit more time looking at the images it's still available in it's cut up format on my other posts.

Now you can enjoy all it's 42.88 foot length in one manageable file.

After this we should be back to our normal programing.

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