Saturday, 16 April 2016

#100 (Part 3) The Back to the Future Tapestry

As we reach our exciting conclusion you may all be wondering just how big this thing is in real life. You may have seen my previous post with a photo of it spread out through my living room, all the way along my hall and out the door, well it still wasn't all fully unravelled. After taking that photo it took my around 5 hours to scan the whole thing then I'd hate to even figure out how long to piece it all together to then only split it up again to post here. The till roll is a standard 8mm in height, or 3.15 inches if that's your preference. I didn't even use half of the full roll for the tapestry, probably not even a quarter but it's still a pretty impressive length. Sitting at 13 meters long, or 42.88 feet or 14.29 yards. That's half the width of a hockey rink or a little under 44% the length of a blue whale or about 68.6 standard pencils long. While not as long as the Bayeux Tapestry (last time I mention it, I promise) if you scaled the height up to match it, my Back to the Future version would be longer.

So now that all your questions have been answered you're free to enjoy the last part of the story. Of course I will be back to present the whole thing in a slightly different digestible format.

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