Monday, 11 April 2016

#100 (Part 1) The Back to the Future Tapestry

Great Scott! We reached episode 100. I'm sure once you see this you'll be able to see why I needed to take that short hiatus to get it ready.

After doing something a little bigger than normal for episode 50 I decided I wanted to take it a bit further and do something even more epic. One of the advantages (possibly the only advantage) to using till roll as a medium is the infinite canvas like properties. While not entirely infinite it's probably longer than anything most people would like to create. It reminded me a bit of old tapestries. Arguably the most famous tapestry is the Bayeux Tapestry which tells the story of the Norman conquest of England.

At first I thought of recreating the Bayeux Tapestry but adding some kind of twist to it but then I decided I wanted to do something a bit different but still keep a similar-ish style. My first thoughts, following the release of the newest film last year, was to do a Star Wars tapestry but upon a quick Google search I discovered that had already been done in actual tapestry form. My next thought was maybe Lord of the Rings but that maybe seemed a little too large scale and people can get a bit picky with the continuity between film and books. For some reason the next thing that came to mind was Shaun of the Dead but I wanted something a little more expansive and the whole Cornetto Trilogy isn't one continuous story line. That's when Back to the Future came to mind. There was a lot of buzz surrounding it last year too what with it being 2015, and I've already done a reference or two to the films, so why not go one step further and create the Back to the Future Tapestry.

Anyway, I'll let you enjoy part one now and I'll annoy you with more facts and figures in the next part.

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