Wednesday, 13 April 2016

#100 (Part 2) The Back to the Future Tapestry

Wondering what happens next to The Doc, Marty and Jennifer? Well wonder no more as Back to the Future Part II is now available in online webcomic till roll tapestry format!

It really helps to be already familiar with the films to know what's happening in this "tapestry." It's not designed to tell the story outright like a comic might, it's more to show the essence of the films and to pick out some key scenes and sayings that stand out. I hope this doesn't alienate anyone that doesn't know the films (though if you don't, you should) as I think you could still enjoy scrolling through the images with even just a little understanding of what they are about.

I added a few limitations to help make it tie in with the Bayeux tapestry theme. Things like using only a select few colours. Of course I stuck to using ballpoints as is tradition to Working Doodles but I bought a pack of 8 coloured pens and stuck to using only those. I also added the border round it which really limited the amount of space I had to draw in (easily takes over about 1/3 of the height in total) but gave it the tapestry like feel. As you can see I quickly abandoned the little drawings in the borders, they were taking up too much time to add in there and were difficult to think of details small enough and relevant enough to put in each section.

Wondering how big this thing actually is? You'll need to wait until Part III to find out.


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