Friday, 17 June 2016

Menace Vs. Menace

I've never read, played or watched Spy Vs. Spy but I decided to do a Dennis the Menace inspired parody of it anyway.

Hank Ketcham's Dennis the Menace first appeared in newspaper comics on March 12, 1951. He's caused mischief ever since along with his dog, Ruff. I remember him mostly in my younger years from watching his old cartoon series and he's even had live action movies made about him. I always remember Matt Groening saying he created Bart Simpson in response to not liking this Dennis the Menace as he always carried around a slingshot but never really used it or did anything particularly bad.

Dennis the Menace, star of The Beano comic, debuted just 2 days later on 14 March 1951, in an issue dated March 17 (Thanks to The Beano editor for personally clearing that up for me.) He's also had his own animated series' over the years and together with his trusty dog Gnasher would be more likely to cause a disturbance with his catapult. Maybe Matt Groening should have been reading The Beano instead. In recent years I have heard criticism of him being less of a menace than he used to be. I haven't read his comics in years though so I couldn't comment on that personally but when I was younger I did read some of the even older comics as well as the (at the time) new ones and I felt like the older ones, even back then, were a little more violent. Certainly towards the kids themselves, who would frequently be hit with a slipper or cane in the last panel by a parent or teacher in comeuppance to their antics.

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