Sunday, 26 June 2016

Monster Fighting Goblin Hoard with Chopsticks

Yep, that dreaded word "hoard" came up on the Arty Games app. Here's a good example of something I wouldn't come up with to draw myself, as anyone else that draws may tell you a big crowd of any kind can be quite annoying to draw and if you're drawing it on a very small piece of paper it becomes extra tricky. Upon seeing "hoard of goblins" I did dread drawing this one slightly. I could have skipped it and pretended it never came up on the Arty Games app but I decided to stick with it and choose the 4 in a row that I had decided to stick with and I think it turned out pretty well in the end. Lot's of action in a small space and I can imagine there's even more goblins running towards this monster from out of frame.

That's the last from this crop of Arty Games pics, but I'm sure I'll do plenty more in the future. It's also the end of my little weekend of out of routine postings, who knows if I'll do that again in the future...

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